aspherilux midi LED


Whilst retaining the well proven extremely flat design, NOBLEX presents a remarkable model with LED technology.

The NOBLEX aspherilux midi LED spotlight uses a new generation of light emitting diodes, which offer a highly efficient performance and are considered long-life, almost indestructible lamps.

The NOBLEX aspherilux midi LED spotlight is extremely sturdy and watertight down to a depth of 1 m.

The bright, shadowless luminous field has the perfect effect of Xenon headlights: light blue, strong, well defined and circular. This advantage is achieved with the aid of a complex non-reflecting lens system studded with aspheric lenses, which is already known from other high-performance products in the NOBLEX light engineering range.

A large spot diameter in the close-up range increases the benefit, e.g. in the field of security.

The model is equipped with an integrated electronic control system, which facilitates a constant, bright light irrespective of the respective charging state of the battery pack.

The integrated microcontroller permanently monitors the discharging state and emits a visual warning signal in good time before reaching the end of the operating time. In addition, the microcontroller prevents a detrimental total discharge of the rechargeable NiMH battery.

The LED spotlight, which is very sturdy thanks to its aluminium die cast housing is delivered inclusive of the intelligent charging technology.


Technical Data

Light source: Z-Power LED-Pure White P4
Dimensions (l x w x h) in cm: 111 x 70 x 30
Spot diameter: 65 cm at 1 m
Power supply: NiMH-Akkupack 4,8 V
Working distance: 0,4 to 15 m
Operating time: ca. 10 hours
Charge time: 2,5 hours
Light intensity in 1 m: 125 Lux
Article number: 30091
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